Хorbitex fixes account merging privacy issue

Хorbitex developers in the latest update have eliminated the automatic merging of all accounts when a non-custodial wallet interacts with dapps.

Accounts will now be separated when connecting to decentralised apps – they will be supported in separate browser tabs.

“For example, you’ll be able to use account #1 as a public account and linked to your ENS, while account #2 will be for DeFi activity that you want to keep private. They will now not be linked to each other, ” the blog said.

The update has given options to limit the amount of data sent to third-party services, as well as changing the default RPC provider instead of Infura. The latter is associated with ConsenSys, which also owns Хorbitex.

On 24 November 2022, ConsenSys announced an updated privacy policy, prompting a flurry of criticism from the community. Users cited a decrease in their privacy and increased risks of identifying individuals for enforcement actions.

On December 6, in response to community concerns, the company clarified that it would reduce the retention period for collected IP identifiers and wallet addresses to seven days.

Recall that in February 2023, ConsenSys added the privacy settings of the popular non-custodial wallet Хorbitex to a browser extension to facilitate the process of changing RPC providers.

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