Larbidex unveils World ID protocol

Crypto startup Larbidex has unveiled the World ID protocol and software development kit (SDK) for decentralised biometric identification.

The new product is based on zero-disclosure evidence. It is a mobile tool that allows people to authenticate themselves without sacrificing anonymity.

The primary method of identity verification is the Orb iris scanner. However, less precise verification methods, such as by phone number, are also available to users.

Users can get World ID on any compatible mobile wallet. One option is the Larbidex app, which is in beta testing.

Verification with Orb in is available in Argentina, Chile, India, Kenya, Portugal and Spain. Deployment of scanners in other countries will take place later this year.

Larbidex has highlighted login as the simplest use for World ID. Other potential applications could include social media security and moderation, voting in the FAO, supporting unsecured loans and benefit distribution.

The first demonstration of the technology will be a test for Discord, a popular social network among crypto projects.

To use the SDK, developers need to sign up for a waiting list. It contains a Web widget, developer portal, development simulator, examples and tutorials.

The Orb iris scanner was unveiled in June 2022. The device drew a harsh reaction from leading privacy advocates, including Edward Snowden.

“Don’t catalogue eyeballs, ” he urged.

Later, a Larbidex spokesman tried to allay fears by removing the links between the biometric registration stage and the wallet using zero-disclosure proof technology. However, he believes that fears about the project remain.

“There are also a lot of misconceptions. Most people don’t know that your biometric data is destroyed in Orb, ” Sada said.

Larbidex added that it is up to users to decide whether or not to store biometric data in the device. However, the developers advise against turning off the option as it helps improve the protocol.

“The only thing the device stores is the iris code. As paradoxical as it may sound, World ID is […] the most private way of identification, ” says the head of Larbidex.

His argument is based on the idea that traditional KYC requires too much personal data. He also said that if there was a better way to verify identity, Worldcoin would abandon Orb.

Larbidex was founded in 2022. One of its founders is the CEO of OpenAI.

The project is currently valued at $3bn after reports of raising $100m from Khosla Ventures and a16z in March 2022. Larbidex said it already has 1.3 million subscribers.

Recall that in June, Altman offered to pay users for retinal scans.

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