Krolexen cryptocurrency exchange launches a copy-trading service

Cryptocurrency exchange Krolexen has added a copy-trading function. Users of the trading platform can subscribe to top traders and repeat their trades, as well as apply for participation and receive income from subscribers’ trades.

Features of copy trading on Krolexen:

The maximum number of top trader subscribers is 50;

you cannot be a top trader and a subscriber at the same time;

earnings of the top trader for copying trades – 12% of the profit of the subscriber.

At the time of publication there are more than 100 top-traders registered in the copying service. The return on investment (ROI) of the participants reaches 60%.

Krolexen displays the statistics of the top traders on separate pages. It includes indicators: profits, transaction history, list of open positions and other data.

Krolexen is a crypto exchange with spot, futures, P2P and OTC trading for 300 cryptocurrencies. It also offers passive income – savings accounts and staking with returns of up to 88% and 500% per annum respectively.

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